CANALISATION DE MARIO RABY : Galakaway (3 et 4 juin 2023)

Canalisation de Mario Raby



Ste Hyacinthe, the weekend of June 3 and 4, 2023

Shala kala noway to all

I greet you all and welcome you to this antechamber where your physical bodies circulate and your ethereal bodies are accompanied by their friends, protectors, and teachers.

I am Galakaway, the subject's caregiver speaking to you now. I use his voice, his vocal cords, but above all his inner eye, his inner ear and his inner senses.

Today, I'd like to talk to you about your inner senses, which are always at your service and direct your intuition. Your intuition and its channel are as accessible to you as your imagination is. But these two channels are interrelated, and for the intuition channel to be wide open, your rational minds must be put on standby, so that you don't judge the information being transmitted to you. All you have to do is ask to receive, to ask this angel, this guide who accompanies you, to kindly inform you of what's most important, at every moment of your existence.

As soon as you wake up, remember to open this channel. To do so, all you have to do is awaken what we call the energy centers, the chakras, which are like your ethereal glands and are associated with your endocrine system. These glands activate the pineal, the pituitary, and all your glands, right up to the adrenal glands that hold you to the Earth.

Just take seven breaths to activate these centers. The coronal chakra on top of your head will light up with a violet flame that will spread its radiance all around you, enveloping you in the protection, wisdom and knowledge that come from the Source. It will activate your pineal gland and resonate on the "B" frequency.

The second breath will light up your third eye and open your vision to unlimited, absolute freedom; it will shine with its indigo and golden colour. It activates your pituitary gland.  It will vibrate on the note "A".

Your third breath will light up your throat, activate your thyroid gland and enable you to open your listening ear, open your voice and empower it to speak the truth. It will sing on the note "G".

Your fourth breath will open the energy of the heart with its green flame and spread in and around you the Unconditional Love you came to share on Earth through your various alter relationships with this physical world. But I'm with the world of Nature, of these plants, of the animal plane, of the mineral plane. She will open your thymus and secrete your body's protective antibodies, humming her hymn to the sound of "F".

Your fifth breath will open the golden-yellow flame of the solar plexus and fill you with peace and serenity, calm and assurance, and self-esteem. Whenever you feel stressed or doubtful about your abilities, understand that this center is targeted, twisted, and closed. Open it simply by breathing, and regain your confidence. Your pancreas will produce the enzymes you need to digest your life, and the hormones you need will flow through your bloodstream, enriching your days. Your whole body will adjust to the vibration of "E".

The sixth breath is directed to the spleen chakra, which is just waiting to expand with laughter, with the joy of the child within you, but also with your creative power. It will emit an orange flame and fill your spirit with creativity, joy and hope. It will revive your inner child, while your spleen will secrete serotonin, the happiness hormone. Your being pulsates to the beat of the "D".

Your seventh breath at the coccyx is the root chakra; it will blaze with a ruby-red glow, filling you with strength and power. It connects you through your roots to Mother Earth, and stimulates the adrenal glands to secrete adrenalin, the hormone of fighting spirit and resistance. Your body will harmonize with the "C" frequency.

You have chosen this earthly journey to contribute to the universal planetary consciousness of this sphere you call Earth. You are the consciousness of Mother Earth, and every time an individual consciousness grows so does the whole universal consciousness. And your personal guides will tell you this over and over again.

Don't think that the little gesture you make or the smile you share is less important. Don't judge it, because while it may not be important to you, it certainly is to your neighbour who is experiencing torment, experiencing disappointment, and needs to be revived in his faith and trust. Don't think that doing the dishes or going to work at your job is unimportant. It's the way you do it that fills it with power. It fills them with power when you do it with full awareness, that is, being present in your actions.

Why is this so important? Because only the present exists. The past and the future are thieves, thieves of your power. The past takes you to a place where you no longer have any power, it leads you down paths that lead to regret, and the future leads you into anguish and fear; you are no longer present, only a shadow of your former self.

So remember that even when you take a step, the fact of being present in that action gives you back your omnipotence, and this omnipotence enables you to share your light, your wisdom on the earthly plane. Don't let yourself be diverted by the world's catastrophes. These catastrophes have a reason to exist; it's called growth.

Remember that you had to leave the child behind to become an adult when you were a teenager. In the same way, the Earth sometimes leaves behind elements of itself that no longer serve the greatness to which it is called. You are the masons of this Promised Land, and like the mason, each of you must lay the bricks of your existence, one after the other, one on top of the other. If we are distracted by our past or our future, we risk laying these bricks askew and building a wall that will collapse sooner or later. So it's important to stay vigilant and call on your divine resources: your wisdom, your clarity of vision, your essential truth - yours, not anyone else's, your incomparable Love, your serenity, your joy and creativity and your strength.

Why do we say your truth is essential and not someone else's? Because each of us has parcels of truth just waiting to come together to reveal the whole truth.

Remember that we can look at an object from different angles, and each of these angles reveals a part of that truth. We must learn to look at the same object of our interest from all angles.

We know that there are souls among you who are already connected, who are already in communion with the Heavenly Plan, with their own guides and their own angels, and we'd like to greet these beings and all those who accompany you and to do so, I'd like to take a closer look at you and address you, to give a voice to those who accompany you.



Minute 21 second 25

I'll address you first, madam. May I have your name, please?

- Ginette.

- A man close to you, who was very dear to you, a lover, a man of a lifetime who accompanies you and continues to watch over you and your descendants. He comes to greet you, to tell you that you are not alone in making the decision you have to make or will have to make in the near future, to trust your inner voice. You can ask him for advice, he's there to support you.

CANALISATION DE MARIO RABY : Galakaway (Granby – 0ct. 23, 2023)

Canalisation de Mario Raby



Granby, October 23, 2023

(Galakaway is Mario's Guide.)

- Shalakalanoway to all, Shalakalanoway to all.

I am Galakaway from the Celestial Planes. What you call a Guide. There are many other Guides with you today who are calling out to you so that your ears may be opened. They are making a show before you, so that you may see them. They breathe on you, so that you feel them. But to do this, you must use your inner senses.

Earth teaches us to put down roots in this world, so that we do not lose our footing. And Heaven teaches us to rise like flowers so that we can bloom.

I would just like to remind you that your physical body is made up of endocrine glands and that your ethereal body is also made up of glands made of light. You simply need to activate them in order to restore order within your physical body, to restore the perfect health to which you are destined, for you are sons and daughters of God and as such, you are entitled to this perfect health. You are entitled to perfect love. You are entitled to perfect serenity and the perfect tools to discover this world that you have chosen to explore, under the conditions that you have also favored.

Now, the first of your duties is to recognize your responsibility in everything you do, to appreciate your uniqueness and to see the value of that uniqueness. I am going to suggest to you today that you take seven breaths that will activate these ethereal glands.

First, you raise your mind to your Source, your Supreme Self, your Divine Self, and you call upon it:

“Come down into me!”

It will activate your coronal chakra and its associated pineal gland. In time you will hear a continuous sound on the note "B". This gland of light emits a violet sun. Take a deep breath and see this violet flame ignite and permeate your entire aura with this same color. This purple fire will burn away any lingering doubts within you. Open yourself to the perfect divine wisdom.

Your 2nd breath will be directed to the 3rd eye which will emit an indigo blue fire and open your inner vision to the infinity of Creation. The inner sound will descend one note and emit an "A". This ethereal gland is associated with your pituitary gland in your physical body. Breathe in this blue light and cover yourself with it. This fire will burn away all the boundaries, all the barriers that you still have; that remain in your mental body from your upbringing.

On your third breath, direct it to your throat and inhale this sky-blue light. Again, the scale will descend into your inner ear and vibrate to the sound "G". This sound will regulate the proper functioning of your thyroid and parathyroid glands. Let the sky-blue light consume all the secrets, the unspoken ones, that you keep so that the ultimate truth can strike your inner ear.

Take a 4th breath for the heart. Open it wide and let the green light burst forth with the sound vibration "F". The emerald-green fire will consume all criticism and judgments you have towards yourself or others. Let yourself be filled with this unconditional love. Your thymus gland will freely secrete antibodies that will protect your body from any intruder, consuming at the same time any criticism or judgments you still secretly hold within or against yourself.

Take a 5th breath and direct it to the solar plexus. Fill yourself with this peace and serenity and see the golden yellow fire, let the sound "E" vibrate within you. The fire and the sound will consume all the anxieties, the worries, all that destabilizes and unbalances. Your pancreas, liver and gall bladder will also restore harmony in your digestive system.

Your 6th breath will be directed to the spleen chakra, the child chakra. It emits a bright orange fire and is accompanied by the note "D". It restores the balance within your gonads, your glands of reproduction, of creation. Let this child invade you, let his bell-like laughter resonate in your eardrum, let the creativity of your child express itself freely and burn, consume, all the residual sadness in you, all the wounds of your childhood and your entire life. Let them fall into ashes and return to the earth.

Your 7th breath will be directed to the coccyx, to the root chakra. Its red light and the accompanying "C" sound will fill you with strength, grounding, courage, resilience. They stimulate your adrenal glands and cause a resurgence of adrenaline in your metabolism. Let these hormones and this light consume all the fears you have, all the fears of not being up to the task.

Then you can go the other way, up from the root to the crown, after connecting to the Earth. Ask the Earth to offer you its strength, by focusing on your root chakra, at the coccyx.

Let it offer you its creativity and joy. Combine them with the spleen chakra.

Let it offer you its serenity, its balance and place them in the solar plexus.

Let the Earth fill your heart with its generous love and vitality.

May the Earth and the air that surrounds it, "like the wind", offer you the fluidity of expression, the infinite freedom of sharing your truth. May it help you to open your eyes, may it grant you the vision of the hawk who knows how to fly high, to see the whole of creation.

Ask the Earth to unite its wisdom with yours and with that of the so-called higher planes.

This simple practice realigns you, stimulates your pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, spleen and adrenal glands. Reactivating them, they allow the circulation of serotonin, adrenalin, melatonin and all these hormones that come to exchange through the nervous network of your brain and bring you to euphoria, this altered state where you become completely open not only to the earthly universe, but to the advice of your loved ones, whether they are deceased or angels or Guides.

They will surely talk to you about nature and the examples it gives us. They will invite you to observe the abundance of tree seeds that testify to the opulence to which you too are destined. They will surely tell you that the seed we plant has its own genetics, its uniqueness and that if you plant a carrot seed, you will never harvest a celery. They will probably also emphasize that miracles grow where they are sown.

They will also encourage you to accept your present conditions, that they are there and prove your greatness, your power to overcome them, because the weightlifter does not become powerful by lifting feathers.

They will also explain to you that you have at your disposal the resources to gain power and that these resources do not come from the ego, do not come from the mental plane, but that they come from much higher.

They will also assure you of the guidance that is offered to you during your nights, during your sleep, during your dreams, as well as during your days.

They will teach you the power of your word and the importance of choosing your words well, for everything you see on Earth first sprang from a thought that was translated into a word, that this word strengthened the faith and belief in you that it was possible, and that this faith pushed you to take the actions to build the reality you are in. So do not blame your reality, because it is the result of what you have thought, what you have believed and the actions and decisions you have taken.

Remember, dear friends, that here and now, in this perpetual present, lies your omnipotence and it is in this absolute, eternal here that you can build your tomorrow. This is one of the important tasks you have come to learn and relearn.

They will surely talk about what you are going through and remind you that what you are going through is a consequence of what you have been in this life or in others. They will undoubtedly reveal to you those other significant lives that are associated with what you call your karma. Actually, this is related to the law of the pendulum or as you often call it, the law of return.

Finally, they will also lull you into dreams and stimulate your imagination, for they know very well that the channel of the imagination and the channel of perception of the invisible planes are intertwined, interrelated. If you don't let your imagination run free, you can't perceive what's on the other side.

My subject was taken at a very young age, he began by taking a "Good God" tour and in this exhilarating journey, much was revealed to him. As in all families, the parents were concerned about this overactive imagination, it seemed to them. But they didn't hold him back, they prayed and this intuition, this perceptiveness developed over the years. When he was twelve years old, he had his first visual contact with me, his Guide and with his deceased grandmothers. He began to have hunches, prescience. He knew when an unexpected visitor was coming. His mother was very happy about this, because she made sure she had something to receive the unexpected traveler, as if this unexpected guest was Christ himself.

From the age of fifteen, his faculties became more and more developed. And at eighteen, he began to serve the Heavenly Plan, offering channeling, not just for himself, but for others.

He began to work in spiritualist centers to demonstrate not only the channelings, but also the individual messages coming down from the Heavenly Planes. He was blessed to know great loves that contributed a lot to open himself more and more to the revealing and helping visions of the Guides of the Invisible, to their voices or to the scenes that They depicted to him, made him see.

Then, his power of creativity led him to the theater, directed him towards classical dance, music. He made it his daily bread for several decades.

He also learned to serve and to give of himself. When his first wife allowed herself to be escorted to the gates of the dock for her final journey of no return, she offered him the opportunity to help her through her long illness to teach her. It was his last gift. He had to develop resilience, courage, faith

When she was gone, he had to further strengthen his resilience and letting go. Of course, we, his Celestial Guides, supported him all along, that is our task, that is our will, that is our pleasure as well, for love of you humans, for this Creation and for love of our Creator to all.

So, beloved protégés, remember to cleanse your channel daily through these breaths. Hurry to anchor yourselves to Mother Earth. See how in the spring the rising sap will bring forth your own life sap, your essence of fulfillment. Like the tree, you will produce many leaves and many fruits and each of these fruits, like each of your words that you sow in the ears of those who want to hear them, will in turn, like a seed, produce its own tree. In this way, the paradise to which every man and woman aspires can be established on Earth.

We are happy to be able, today, to share these few kind words with beings of the heart, with beings who are searching, with beings who love, but who would like to love more, with beings who are joyful, but who wish to be even more euphoric.

These are your tasks. Ours is to accompany you to achieve them. Let your personal voices of creativity enter your daily lives. For some, it will be writing, for others, painting or sewing, for others, woodworking, sculpture. For others still, it will be to manufacture, invent new tools, devices. All these modes of creativity stimulate your power of receptivity.

Watch your heart so that it emits only benevolence and forgiveness; this is the way to erase criticism and judgment. Let your thoughts, your truths, flow freely, for we have told you, "Each of you is unique. If each and every one of you puts forth your uniqueness, your truth, you will have a complete picture of what absolute truth is."

I use the example of the apple that is sitting at the center of a table between four people who are looking at it. To one it will be red, to the other green, and to the other two it will be half red and half green, and as you say what you see, everyone will know that this apple is ripening, but that it has not yet reached its perfect bloom, its perfect ripening.

Let yourself finally see big, even bigger than what you think is your limit, because there are only the barriers that everyone imposes on themselves. So go beyond what you think are your boundaries.

We greet you now and thank you for your attentive listening. I will now give the floor to my protégé, the one who is allowing me to speak to you today. I have been with him since before he was born. With him, I have prepared this incarnation. Greetings to all. Shanikawinesté.