CANALISATION DE MARIO RABY : Galakaway (3 et 4 juin 2023)

Canalisation de Mario Raby



Ste Hyacinthe, the weekend of June 3 and 4, 2023

Shala kala noway to all

I greet you all and welcome you to this antechamber where your physical bodies circulate and your ethereal bodies are accompanied by their friends, protectors, and teachers.

I am Galakaway, the subject's caregiver speaking to you now. I use his voice, his vocal cords, but above all his inner eye, his inner ear and his inner senses.

Today, I'd like to talk to you about your inner senses, which are always at your service and direct your intuition. Your intuition and its channel are as accessible to you as your imagination is. But these two channels are interrelated, and for the intuition channel to be wide open, your rational minds must be put on standby, so that you don't judge the information being transmitted to you. All you have to do is ask to receive, to ask this angel, this guide who accompanies you, to kindly inform you of what's most important, at every moment of your existence.

As soon as you wake up, remember to open this channel. To do so, all you have to do is awaken what we call the energy centers, the chakras, which are like your ethereal glands and are associated with your endocrine system. These glands activate the pineal, the pituitary, and all your glands, right up to the adrenal glands that hold you to the Earth.

Just take seven breaths to activate these centers. The coronal chakra on top of your head will light up with a violet flame that will spread its radiance all around you, enveloping you in the protection, wisdom and knowledge that come from the Source. It will activate your pineal gland and resonate on the "B" frequency.

The second breath will light up your third eye and open your vision to unlimited, absolute freedom; it will shine with its indigo and golden colour. It activates your pituitary gland.  It will vibrate on the note "A".

Your third breath will light up your throat, activate your thyroid gland and enable you to open your listening ear, open your voice and empower it to speak the truth. It will sing on the note "G".

Your fourth breath will open the energy of the heart with its green flame and spread in and around you the Unconditional Love you came to share on Earth through your various alter relationships with this physical world. But I'm with the world of Nature, of these plants, of the animal plane, of the mineral plane. She will open your thymus and secrete your body's protective antibodies, humming her hymn to the sound of "F".

Your fifth breath will open the golden-yellow flame of the solar plexus and fill you with peace and serenity, calm and assurance, and self-esteem. Whenever you feel stressed or doubtful about your abilities, understand that this center is targeted, twisted, and closed. Open it simply by breathing, and regain your confidence. Your pancreas will produce the enzymes you need to digest your life, and the hormones you need will flow through your bloodstream, enriching your days. Your whole body will adjust to the vibration of "E".

The sixth breath is directed to the spleen chakra, which is just waiting to expand with laughter, with the joy of the child within you, but also with your creative power. It will emit an orange flame and fill your spirit with creativity, joy and hope. It will revive your inner child, while your spleen will secrete serotonin, the happiness hormone. Your being pulsates to the beat of the "D".

Your seventh breath at the coccyx is the root chakra; it will blaze with a ruby-red glow, filling you with strength and power. It connects you through your roots to Mother Earth, and stimulates the adrenal glands to secrete adrenalin, the hormone of fighting spirit and resistance. Your body will harmonize with the "C" frequency.

You have chosen this earthly journey to contribute to the universal planetary consciousness of this sphere you call Earth. You are the consciousness of Mother Earth, and every time an individual consciousness grows so does the whole universal consciousness. And your personal guides will tell you this over and over again.

Don't think that the little gesture you make or the smile you share is less important. Don't judge it, because while it may not be important to you, it certainly is to your neighbour who is experiencing torment, experiencing disappointment, and needs to be revived in his faith and trust. Don't think that doing the dishes or going to work at your job is unimportant. It's the way you do it that fills it with power. It fills them with power when you do it with full awareness, that is, being present in your actions.

Why is this so important? Because only the present exists. The past and the future are thieves, thieves of your power. The past takes you to a place where you no longer have any power, it leads you down paths that lead to regret, and the future leads you into anguish and fear; you are no longer present, only a shadow of your former self.

So remember that even when you take a step, the fact of being present in that action gives you back your omnipotence, and this omnipotence enables you to share your light, your wisdom on the earthly plane. Don't let yourself be diverted by the world's catastrophes. These catastrophes have a reason to exist; it's called growth.

Remember that you had to leave the child behind to become an adult when you were a teenager. In the same way, the Earth sometimes leaves behind elements of itself that no longer serve the greatness to which it is called. You are the masons of this Promised Land, and like the mason, each of you must lay the bricks of your existence, one after the other, one on top of the other. If we are distracted by our past or our future, we risk laying these bricks askew and building a wall that will collapse sooner or later. So it's important to stay vigilant and call on your divine resources: your wisdom, your clarity of vision, your essential truth - yours, not anyone else's, your incomparable Love, your serenity, your joy and creativity and your strength.

Why do we say your truth is essential and not someone else's? Because each of us has parcels of truth just waiting to come together to reveal the whole truth.

Remember that we can look at an object from different angles, and each of these angles reveals a part of that truth. We must learn to look at the same object of our interest from all angles.

We know that there are souls among you who are already connected, who are already in communion with the Heavenly Plan, with their own guides and their own angels, and we'd like to greet these beings and all those who accompany you and to do so, I'd like to take a closer look at you and address you, to give a voice to those who accompany you.



Minute 21 second 25

I'll address you first, madam. May I have your name, please?

- Ginette.

- A man close to you, who was very dear to you, a lover, a man of a lifetime who accompanies you and continues to watch over you and your descendants. He comes to greet you, to tell you that you are not alone in making the decision you have to make or will have to make in the near future, to trust your inner voice. You can ask him for advice, he's there to support you.

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